What is “What’s the Dill?”


Well in case you haven’t figured it out, it’s not really about Dill.  We went for a cute play on words (fingers crossed) to name our blog.  We’ll post opinions, recipes, articles about produce, neat tips about how to choose your fruits & veggies, and just about anything that we feel is relevant to our store.

More to come very soon.  We will appreciate your comments and feedback.


3 thoughts on “What is “What’s the Dill?”

  1. This morning I saw a delivery truck, I belived with Bluebonnet Organic Fruit or something like it in my area. My daughter has meat, fruit n veg etc delivered by Greenling. They deliver in the 78233 n 78207 so she n my brother can both have delivery service; however they don’t deliver to the 78225 area. My brother will bring me some fruits n veg, but can’t always accommodate me. So, my question is do you have delivery service? If not, have ya’ll considered adding deliveries to the local area?


    • Hello Ms. Rodriguez,

      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we don’t deliver but we are relatively close to the 78225 zip code (S. Laredo St. & I-35). We haven’t considered local delivery but since we’ve heard this request from several other people, we will look into it.


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